Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tingle and Olive Garden

We have been wanting to take Chloe to see Tangled (or Tingle as Chloe calls it) in the theater for a couple of months. We had heard wonderful things about it and thought she would love it. She has the "Tingle" game for her Leapster and really likes to play it and has asked a couple of times to see the movie. So, Justin and I decided that for Valentine's Day we would take her to the "big theater" and see the movie and then go eat at Olive Garden after.

We were meeting Justin at the theater after he got off work. He was so sweet and stopped to get some fruit snacks for Chloe and Dove chocolates for me to have during the movie. The movie started and Chloe was so excited. The girl in the movie is cute as can be and she has a little chameleon that Chloe fell in love with. Fast forward about 45 minutes and Chloe was a crying mess. She kept saying she "didn't feel good". I knew that wasn't the case so I asked her what was really wrong. She told me, "the bad guys make me sad". I knew this was a possibility, seeing as she has cried at Toy Story 3 when the toys are in the trash compactor, but was hoping this one would be easier on her. Chloe is just SO tender-hearted and can not handle to see anyone else in danger. I love this about her. Although as we were leaving Justin and I both said, "Man, we need to watch some scarier movies if this freaked her out!" haha. I think we'll just steer clear of the scary movies and let her keep her innocent, tender heart for as long as she wants :) We did make her finish the movie to show her that there was a happy ending, which I think she did appreciate.

After the movie we went to Olive Garden, which was much less traumatic!

Chloe loves to use my big camera and take pictures and she actually does a really good job. She snapped one of Justin and me while we were waiting for a table.

The other people waiting with us were quite impressed that she could handle such a big camera. It was cute :)

Then I got one of my two favorite people in the whole world:

We enjoyed a really delicious dinner and when we were waiting for our check Chloe decided she wanted to play Round and Round. This is the game where you hide a small object in one hand and the other person has to guess which hand it's in. She named this game Round and Round because every time she "hides" the object she twirls her hands around and says, "round and round and round and round, NOW which one??" She could play this game for hours...and her daddy obliges her quite often :)

Overall it was a fantastic Valentine's Day filled with lots of love (and only a few tears) :) I am so blessed.

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