Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have deemed March as De-clutter Month around our house. Yesterday I worked on throwing away and organizing our paperwork. Today I am cleaning out our bedside tables and other areas of our bedroom.

As I was cleaning out my beside table, I came across several old journals I had started and only had a couple of entries. This has happened with EVERY journal I have ever owned...I just can not stick with it! one of them I came across this "to do list". I'm not sure when it was from, but my guess was early in our marriage as that was when all the other entries were written.

I had some very practical things to get done. Justin on the other hand....

For a little closer look...LOL...I love my husband.


MissMolly said...

AWESOME. And not unlike something my husband would write.

pdawnc said...

My husband would write the exact same thing. :)