Thursday, February 3, 2011

A GRAND vacation!

This year I've decided to try to make this blog a bit more of a priority, so hopefully you'll be seeing more posts. My goal right now is at least one per week. We'll see how that goes :)

I feel like I have a ton to catch up on around here.

Justin and I just got back from the most AMAZING vacation in Grand Cayman. Our best friends, Doug and Andrea, asked us (and a few other couples) to join them in a gorgeous house on the beach for the week. We spent the 8 days snorkeling lots, swimming with stingrays, horseback riding along the beach, eating wonderful food, enjoying time with each other and friends, and LOTS of relaxing in the sun.The color of the water was unlike anything I have ever seen. I just kept saying, "I never want to forget what this water looks like!"

I was so proud of Justin and his snorkeling/swimming skills. He's not really all that comfortable in water, but he did much better than me!

While I knew I would miss Chloe when we were gone I didn't think I would miss her as much as I did. By the last couple of days I was DYING to see her. The plan all along was to skype with her each night, but the first night we tried that we both ended up crying. So, we decided it would probably be easier on both of us to not try that again! She was so sweet when we got to the airport. She waved really big and ran to us and gave us the biggest hugs ever. I definitely think our next vacation will be a family one :)

I will post some more pictures from our trip in the next couple of days!

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