Monday, March 12, 2012

Top 5

I thought I would do a post on my top 5 favorite baby items right now.  These are the things Lydia and I are loving!! :)

5. Target Nursing Bras

You can find them here

I know I'm not nursing anymore, but in those beginning weeks when breastfeeding was horrible these bras were amazing.  They're supportive, but super comfortable.  My favorite thing about them is that you pull the fabric to the side when you want to nurse rather than having a snap to deal with. 

4. BabyLegs

Andrea let me borrow some of her BabyLegs and I am sooo in love!  They are so stinkin' adorable, but they also make diaper changes quick and easy.  Even better, if you cloth diaper you can show off your baby's dipes while still keeping baby's legs warm. :)  I can't wait to buy some really girly ones now that we know we love them!

 3. Video Monitor

We used our video monitor with Chloe and still love it for Lydia.  It's especially great for those times when you're not sure if baby is really awake or just squirming around trying to get comfy to go back to sleep.  You can check in on them without having to open the door (and for sure waking them up!) or even better, get out of bed in the middle of the night! (although Lydia is spoiled rotten and still in our room...haha).

 2. Miracle Blanket

 We didn't have the miracle blanket for Chloe, but we could not live without it with Lydia!!  She is definitely a baby who needs to be swaddled and this is the only swaddle she can't Houdini her way out of (most of the time!).  At first I kind of felt bad for putting her in this straight jacket, but this thing really is a miracle because the minute she's all swaddled up her eyes start rolling back in her head and she's ready to sleep.

And my number 1 favorite baby item is.....

1. Cloth Diapers