Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lydia: Birth-3 months

I will be honest. I have not taken NEARLY as many pictures of Lydia as I have Chloe (like...not even close!!). I really need to get better at doing that and am going to commit to that with this post. ;)

Lydia's temperament as a baby is very similar to what Chloe's was. She loves to sleep and was sleeping pretty long streches at just a couple of weeks old. She usually takes one really long nap a day (about 3 hours) and then a couple of shorter naps. She was typically going to bed about 10:30 or 11, but we're slowly moving her to an earlier bedtime and we're at about 8:30 now.

She smiles all the time and is generally just a very happy, easy baby.  I've gotten one little giggle out of her, but nothing since then.  I can't wait for her to giggle all the time!

November & December

One day old
Snugglin' with Poppy
Getting some love from Kailey
Lydia and Andrea
My two sweeties
Meeting her uncle Bob.  I surely hope Lydia's Great Granny Snow White was smiling down from heaven at these two snuggling on my couch.
It's her favorite past time. 
Her tiny little hand holding her Poppy's big strong hand.
If Chloe is anywhere in the room, Lydia has her eyes on her.  Of course, who wouldn't with a silly big sister like that!
Mommy and Lyddy
Bath time!
Love the Moby!!
Our first walk
First smiles
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Chillin' in her cloth diaper
My happy baby!

I can't get the caption function to work correctly for this batch of pictures without completely messing them all up, so these look different. Grrr...

 Hi Baby!! :)

 First time in the Bumbo

She's getting so big!

More Bumbo time...she loves to be sitting up and in the middle of the action.

She's so close to figuring out how to suck her thumb!

My girls

I don't have very many pictures for March, but I had to post this one.  Look at that hair! 
It's growing so fast and it sticks straight up! So funny!



KT said...

these pics are just awesome! And my youngest yells at me because I have half as many pics of her as I do my oldest. MY little sister yells at me for it. She says "I know how she feels. Pick it up! I think it's just the way thing go. My youngest still snuggles me at a far older age than my oldest would....she's still and always will be my baby

Kourtney said...

How SWEET!! Love all these pics. She looks so much different than Chloe! Such a cutie. Both of them, though. :)