Friday, March 2, 2012

Chloe's 5th Birthday

Chloe turned 5 on January 15th. I know everyone says it, but I seriously can't believe she is 5 already. I was looking back through pictures the other day and it seems just two minutes ago she was a tiny, chubby little thing.

Now she's 5 and there is so much about her that I just love!! She's hilarious and makes me laugh so many times every day. She's so wise and teaches me how to a better mom. She loves to play games and right now UNO is her favorite. We have family UNO night every night these days. She hides from her daddy when he comes home every. single. day. She dances any chance she gets. K-LOVE is her favorite radio station and she knows the words to about 98% of the songs. She can play in the bath for hours with her Barbies. She's slowly coming around to her sister and loves to pinch her chubby cheeks. She has a stuffed hippo (that we got on our "just the 3 of us" trip to St. Louis before Lydia was born) that never leaves her side. She loves to draw and learn new things to draw. She loves deeply. She's extremely sensitive and worries about if people will laugh at her. Her best friend is Loreli and watching them together brings me so much joy. She is my first born and will always have a very special place in my heart.

Moving on from that love fest. ;)

On the morning of Chloe's birthday I hung up balloons in the hallway for her to wake up to.  She thought that was pretty cool.

Pretty much sums her up: a tutu, tights, and attitude!
 For Chloe's birthday we had a Tangled party (her favorite movie). I wanted this year to be a bigger party since she was turning 5 and also because she was a little in the shadows from her sister's recent birth. We had lots of wonderful friends and family there, great food, and great music from our DJ friend, Andrew. :) I think it was a success. Here are some pictures from the day (thanks for taking them, Molly!)

The Tables.  I made the centerpieces and spread Tangled candy on the tables.  We also hung up some of Chloe's Tangled paintings on the walls.
Opening gifts.

Lindsey and I spend a LOOOOONG time (get it...haha) making this braid from yarn.  It turned out really cute and we used it as a decoration

Our own little Tangled.  That hair was a MESS!
We finally braided it to keep in more under control.
She was excited Andrew was playing a certain song.  I'm not sure which one, but my best guess is either Party Rock or something by Justin "Beaver".  Yes, my daughter is in love with the me!
Dancing with her bestie.
Everyone joined in the fun!
Get it girrrrl.
My two little loves before the party.


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