Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let's go on a Field Trip

I have this really awesome friend, Amanda, who organizes a playgroup every summer. Last summer I had good intentions of us being involved with it, but it just didn't work out. Anyway, this summer I'm really excited that we're going to be joining in on all the fun. Every Thursday Chloe, Ally (the little girl I babysit and Chloe's BFF), and I will be joining the playgroup on their many adventures.

Today we visited Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park. It was quite a drive, but totally worth it. The girls had a blast. I was a little worried because Chloe started begging to be held right when we got there, but was quickly distracted by all the cute little animals and did really great the rest of the day.

Deanna Rose is a cute little "farm" with lots of animals, a bank, schoolhouse, Indian reservation, and playgrounds. The best's FREE!

We started out looking at the chickens. Chloe loves chickens and thinks they are just the cutest little things. I kinda agree!

The girls found a bench that was just their size and took a best friend picture. Every time I take a picture of the two of them they always put their arms around the others neck. It's so cute!

Chloe, surprisingly, was a little timid around the goats today. I'm not really sure why, but she did finally warm up to this sweet little white goat and gave it a few pets.

They had a really big tepee with all the Indian things in it: skins, what they cooked with, blankets, etc. The girls thought it was really neat to grind the corn.

A little later in the day we came to more goats. They were behind a fence and you could feed them. Chloe decided she wasn't scared anymore and wanted to give them some food. The goats of course all came scrambling when they saw a little one with goat food in their hands. It was kind of funny to see them all fighting to get that little nugget of food. Chloe would try to find the goats that were by themselves and feed them instead of the ones who were crowding each other. I don't know if it was because she was scared of the bombardment or because she felt sorry for the little ones off by themselves. Probably a combination of both!

The girls held hands most of the day, which was good for safety and for my heart.

When we got to the bank you could fill out these little pieces of paper to get a scavenger hunt map. Ally turned our paper in and got 2 little maps. We didn't actually do the scavenger hunt, but they thought it was really cool for the banker to give them something.

All around the farmstead there were cute little things for the kids to do. Here Chloe is pumping some drinking water:

Chloe loooves horses and was so excited to see this horse drawn hay-ride. We didn't take a ride, but we gave the horses some love. Chloe kissed their noses and thought it was funny that they were sniffing her.

There was a cute little garden with lots of veggies and flowers. These were my two favorite flowers in the whole garden.

Overall it was a fantastic day! The girls behaved so well and had so much fun together. Can't wait for next week!


Andrea Ferrell said...

looks like they had a blast. those pics of them together are it.

MissMolly said...

So cute! Ashleigh - what kind of camera/lens are you using?

Ashleigh said...

Molly -- I have a Nikon D60 and am using a 50mm/1.8. I just got this lens not too long ago and am still getting used to it, but I LOVE it and am getting some great pictures with it. What kind of camera do you use?

MissMolly said...

umm... I'm using a P&S :) It actually has a really decent macro setting though! I had a nice camera that I sold to my dad in college when I was broke :( But I'm currently saving up for a Canon, and I'm probably just going to get a Rebel xsi for now.

Your photos look great - isn't it nice to take quality pics of your babe?

Mrs. Granberry said...

This is going to sound weird and stalkery but do you know Denise Estes?

I found your blog through Mckmama's a while back... I think you had linked to a NotMeMonday...I started following your blog because my husband and I are trying to get preggo with #2 and I noticed that you were too.

Ashleigh said...

Hi Mrs. Granberry :) I don't think I know Denise Estes, sorry! We *are* trying for #2...a little more calmly now, but still trying. How are things going with your all's TTC journey?

Mrs. Granberry said...

We started trying for #2 last is going alright. I (we) have decided to not worry about it and whenever God blesses us he will...This is a very hard thing to do when a lot of my friends just had babies in the last couple of months. But I pray everyday for peace about it.