Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

Summer has always been and probably always will be my absolute favorite season. Here is a list of 15 things I LOVE about summer:

  1. SUN! WARMTH! (This is absolutely #1! I can't stand winter and all it's frigidness.)
  2. Hanging out at the lake with best friends
  3. Summer Beer (3 coronas, frozen lemonade, and a bit of vodka)
  4. The smell of Chloe lathered in sunscreen and sweat
  5. Riding with the windows down
  6. Wearing flip-flops
  7. Wearing tank tops
  8. Royals games
  9. Grilling out (another post on this coming soon!)
  10. Fresh cut grass
  11. Beautiful landscapes (something we really need to work on at our house!)
  12. Outdoor concerts
  13. Watching Chloe play in the pool/sprinkler
  14. Lots of time with friends
  15. Late nights outside
**What's your favorite season and why??


Andrea Ferrell said...

ah, summer beer....maybe in my near future...i was just thinking about it the other day. :) ha....maybe there is something wrong with me.

emily said...

i think i need that summer beer recipe!!

Ashleigh said...

Andrea - Nothin' wrong with you...summer beer is delicious!! :)

Emily - It's super easy. Just mix 3 coronas (or any beer), 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate, and 1/2 lemonade can of vodka into a pitcher and enjoy :)

emily said...

that sounds amazing!! definitely will have to try that next time we grill :)