Monday, February 16, 2009

It's been a while.

To say I have neglected my blog would be a HUGE understatement. It has not been for lack of things to say, necessarily. Maybe a little laziness. Maybe a little insecurity about the new direction I want my blog to take, but not feeling adequate to write about such things. I'm not sure really. But I'm back!

I have been going through a hard/weird time lately and am trying to find myself and my passions again.

Some of the more difficult things in my life right now are: Justin and I are on our 7 month of trying to have another baby, I feel like I'm just "living life" and not really passionate about much, I feel very distant from my close girlfriends, Justin and I are in the process of switching churches, so leaving our old church has been hard along with trying to integrate into the new church, we are living with my parents (which has been going wonderfully!!), but I yearn to have our own place again and am looking for places to rent that are in our budget (not an easy task!), and my lack of time management screams failure at me daily (although I am SLOWLY getting better).

Some great things in my life are: My marriage is going great and I feel like Justin and I are connecting, Chloe continues to be a joy and I thank God for her every day (I don't know how first time moms deal with struggling to get pregnant!), and I am in the beginning stages of becoming a doula (a birth coach/assistant).

I am working through some of the "crappy" stuff and trying to figure out practical ways to make each of the areas better.

I promise to be posting on here more and not wait another 2 months for the next entry! YIKES!

PS. I also updated pictures on Chloe's blog as well (


Matt Aviles said...

Last week I started praying for you guys daily. Jo and I know EXACTLY how you feel. We got pregnant with Nate and Sam very easily but it took us 13 months to get pregnant with Jake. I had to visit a "Special doctor" for a "special painful test" and discovered what was wrong. It turns out the timing of Jake's birth was PERFECT to rescue me from an unsafe school. He's got you right where you need to be...sucky as it may be.

I also empathize with your church switch. We talk and pray daily about what to do. We should talk some time.

Alisa said...

When you figure out how to be truly patient, please call me and share your secret. Trying to conceive can be VERY stressful! I'll be thinking about you two.

Call me if you ever want to chat :)


Dan and Katie said...

Yay're back! Thank you for sharing the good and the bad with us. I WILL pray for these struggles and joys.
I especially relate to your distance from your girlfriends issue. I've been so busy the past year, and it seems I woke up one morning and realized I haven't talked to anyone in FOREVER! I miss them...
The other one that SCREAMS at me is poor time management skills...YIKES! I'm terrified of the day I'm not in a structured environment (school) to keep me on task. I'll pray for you NOW so that you can get it all figured out so when my time comes to be at home with kids, I'll know who to ask for life structuring advice!
Thanks for posting :)Katie

Jo Ann said...

Ashleigh sooo glad that you are back !! We have missed reading about you all on here. We pray for you , Justin and Chloe everyday and know that God is working in your lives for the good. Just live for the present and dont think on the past or the future and give it all to Him ....none better is there!! We think you all are doing great and make us so proud of you and where you are in life. Praying for God to continue leading you just where HE wants you.
Love & Big, Big hugs,
Grandma and Grandpa ><>

Jo Ann said...
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Jo Ann said...
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